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We believe immense transformation happens
when you start loving and healing yourself.  

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7 Day Self-Healing Challenge 

Are you struggling with chronic-stress, anxiety and grief? If so, this short challenge is an opportunity to jump-start your healing journey.  Start whenever you are ready, take it slow and easy and be kind to yourself throughout this journey. Not only are you working on healing your chronic symptoms but also your childhood wounds and past traumas.

5 Day Meditation Challenge

This guided meditation challenge is an opportunity to go inward, reflect and observe your internal world. To listen very closely to “your” intrusive thoughts, inner-critic, and heavy emotions. You can either get started with your meditation practice or deepen it. An invitation to connect deeply to your breath and how to use it properly to relax, rest and rejuvenate. 

Meditation for Beginners Course

Our meditation program is an invitation to dive deep into your mind, heart and soul. It is a renewed look into your inner world and your inner chaos. An opportunity to develop a new relationship with your breath. The most powerful tool that can self-heal in times of frustration, annoyance, stress, anxiety, depression, and burn-out. It’s time to make breath your best friend.

5 Day Unlocking Abundance & Wealth Journey

Our abundance mindset program is an opportunity to develop the abundance mindset. An invitation to become aware of and drop all your negative limiting beliefs, patterns, behaviors and actions. A new outlook into your inner-world and a unique manifestation journey to make your visions and dreams a reality. Create new visions, new realities, drop the brules (bullshit rules), erase the limiting beliefs and find new purpose.

Meet Kanwal

Meditation & Mindset Coach, 

KANWAL JEHAN is the creator of GrowthSpire, a wellness education company that inspires growth and transformation
through self-love.

She is a certified 500+ Hour Meditation and Yoga Teacher, Life Purpose Transformation & Holistic Health Coach, 1000+ Hours Meditation Practitioner and Usui Reiki Master and Therapist.

She has received advanced leadership trainings and certifications from Harvard Extension School, Dale Carnegie, MindValley and Transformation Academy and many more yoga schools in Bali, Thailand and the USA.

Her journey of growth continues as she reaches each and every one of YOU!

How It Works



Become aware of where you are in life right now. Your current state of mind, body and soul.
Let’s get real!



Accept your current reality by allowing what is and what is to come. Embrace the current reality of your situation RIGHT NOW!)



Gain clarity by becoming aware and accepting your reality. Drop limiting beliefs and create your future-self vision.



“Choose. Decide. Plan and Take Action” on your dreams, vision and goals. Learn how to choose and commit to your destiny. Claim it all.

Our Clients Work for 

Freya Savage, Bali

“Had so much fun in Kanwal’s workshop…I gained clarity on the ideas that were important to me and what was taking up space.

She worked through a simple strategy for digging into the idea in a concise way in order to see all the working parts and take action on it!…

Plus her energy is amazing and just a total joy to be around…recommend 100 times over.”

– Freya Savage
Founder of The School of Money

Jenna Davi, Thailand

“Amazing! Kanwal is a talented space holder, giving room for personal growth and reflection but also a safe vessel to connect beautifully with all the other sisters involved.

I felt free to be myself, be vulnerable, be bold, be beautiful, connect with my shadows and put it all on the table knowing Kanwal would be there to help and guide me wherever I am in my process.

Thank you, Goddess!”

– Jenna Davi
Founder of Jenna Adventures

Sarah Durlacher, New York

“I went into my coaching session with Kanwal very open to the experience, as I have been exploring new avenues to deepen my mediation and spiritual practice. 🧘‍♀️ For me it was a beautiful, relaxing, meditative, healing session and I left feeling energized and grateful. 🌱 Kanwal has this practice deep in her soul and you can tell with her presence and ease of how she facilitates it. I am following up with Kanwal about my experiences and I will definitely be doing more coaching sessions with her in the future. 💚.”

– Sarah Durlacher
Founder of True Self Project

Ali Chopra, New York

“Kanwal is an incredible coach, who is extremely intuitive, generous and kind. I have had three sessions with her and I have started to see the changes I want in my life. I could feel the blockages removed and the universe pushing out the things I no longer need in my life. Things that needed priority like my career and leg injury recovery have been expedited. I am moving towards taking care of my body and removing toxins so I can reach spiritual alignment and peace. I highly recommend her!”

– Ali Chopra
Founder of Hired Gun Designer

Farah Ahmad, New York

“I don’t even know where to begin. Kanwal is a natural born leader and coach. She makes you feel like a friend even though you’ve just met. She has an aura that makes you feel awake and enlightened, almost like your soul and spirit are intertwined. She has a deep understanding of the subject and educates you along the way. To top it all off, I leave each session feeling relaxed, comfortable and more intuned with my inner self. It’s a spiritual experience you can’t miss. You owe it to yourself to be in the presence of Kanwal.”

– Farah Ahmad

Founder of Browed and Bougie

Carmen Corral, Spain

I have participated in many of Kanwal’s Goddess Moon Circles and Meditation Workshops. All of the events helped me connect more with myself and be more present in the moment.

Kanwal is an amazing facilitator, holding space for everyone with care and love. I’m looking forward to working with her more.

– Carmen Corral, Spain
Founder of Carmen Corral

Tiffany Taylor, Miami

“Kanwal was an incredible speaker at my Entrepreneurship Mastermind Events. She deeply understands the psychology behind success and hustle-culture and she perfectly nurtures that mindset with the mindset and meditations she offers. Kanwal was able to totally transform the energy in the room, allowing each attendee to feel an inner peace that some said they hadn’t felt in weeks. I got many messages of gratitude for bringing her in after my events. If you have the chance to experience her coaching, don’t miss it. As a Productivity Coach, I couldn’t recommend working with her more!”

– Tiffany Taylor
Founder of Coach Tiffany Taylor

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