It is estimated that approximately 4% of the worlds population suffer from an anxiety disorder, that represents 275 million people. Quite a frightening statistic when you consider all the energy and time saving devices at our disposal.

Below are 10 natural remedies to reduce your stress levels and allow you to start enjoying life again.


1) Exercise, it is not all pumping iron – give it a walk


Both your emotional and physical health can be improved by regular exercise and it is not short term either with many feeling the anxiety relief for hours after. Try simple home work-outs or plan a pacy local walk especially if it takes you into nature, just being outdoors is proven to help reduce stress.


2) Uplifting music, dance it out!

Nothing lifts the spirits like listening and singing along to upbeat positive tunes, especially while out jogging or working-out. Build a playlist of great upbeat tunes and use this as an opportunity to try out new music and artists. You already know this works, just remember how you feel belting out a song in your car.


3) Meditation, move on there is nothing to hear here


Meditation does not work for everybody although it should, oftentimes the mistake is we think our minds should be empty. That will never happen, we just need to not answer our thoughts. A quick exercise here, start counting backwards from 106, on the even numbers breath in and hold it for as long as is comfortable then breath out on the odd numbers. You soon forget your thoughts.


4) So you are not Shakespeare but why not try writing


More specifically here, journalling is a great way of easing anxieties, writing down your thoughts and feelings is shown to have terrific effectiveness in helping reduce stress and anxiety. Use a small textbook & no, you do not need to show anyone.


5) Start counting sheep and get some sleep


A common symptom of anxiety is insomnia, which in turn can heighten anxiety. Effective routines, like not watching TV before bed, not taking phones or laptops to the bedroom, only going to bed when you are ready to sleep will create an environment where you can drift off. Leave anything that is an anxiety trigger outside the bedroom.


6) Wake up and smell the coffee or Aromatherapy

You know how when you walk into a supermarket they seduce you with the smell of fresh bread and fruit, you can recreate that at home with your favorite relaxing scents. You do not need to spend heavily on aromatherapy oils, unless you want to, you can bake your favorite cake, boil lemon juice, honey & scented water on the stove top, better still use a scent that has a great memory trigger.


7) Practice deep breathing

Your fast paced life, filled with stressors has resulted in a shallow fast paced breathing which can often be confused with the onset of a panic attack. Deep breathing is our natural state and you can restore this by taking long, slow, even and deliberate deep breaths. It will soon become your natural breathing pattern again and reduce anxiety as a direct result.


8) Welcome to pet world

Of course we all know pets offer companionship, affection and emotional support but did you know it is not just our furry friends that have this effect? Crickets, snakes, birds and bees have all featured in studies, you see the actual act of caring for someone or something can cause an oxytocin surge in the brain. Oxytocin is sometimes known as the ‘cuddle hormone’


9) Alternatively, welcome to hobby world

Why do hobbies work as a means of reducing stress and anxiety, simply they are a pleasant distraction. Nobody picks a hobby they do not like so you will always enjoy the activity and your concentration on the topic will ease any tensions you are feeling. The beauty here is anything works so it could be playing golf or sitting at home coloring in. What you love doing is the important factor, never lose that.


10) What is your poison, herbal tea or water?


You already know alcohol is a natural sedative and that caffeine can actually cause nervousness and that smoking offers no relaxation at all, so they are all on your DO NOT list, but did you know the very process of making a herbal tea is considered relaxing by a great many people or that the tension headaches you get in anxious moments are normally the result of dehydration? Drink plenty of water and when you want a warm drink try a herbal tea, we love a lemon, lavender honey and fresh mint brew, refreshing and energizing.


And a bonus for staying with us:


11) Self Hypnosis

Your mind is an amazing machine and hypnosis is a tool which will allow you access to that mechanism and to really benefit from the power it holds, remember when you daydream you are entering a self induced trance so imagine doing that but with a relaxation goal. Next time you sit down safely at home, close your eyes and pretend you are in your favourite place, real or made up, it does not matter. Get a sense of everything, the weather, the furniture, the company, how you are – as you create this image in your head you will drift into trance and total relaxation. Even better, now you know how you can do this anytime you want.

There can be no dispute about the severity of any Anxiety based illness, but we hope that by sharing these simple natural anxiety reduction remedies you will feel better in yourself. Let us know which are your preferred remedies.

While these are natural remedies if your symptoms persist or possibly do not improve you may need to seek clinical help and we would recommend contacting a Doctor. They may well prescribe medicine at that point if required and if you choose to take it.


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