About Us 

We believe immense transformation happens when you start loving yourself. Inspire others with your transformation journey!

Our Founder,

Kanwal Jehan

Hi Friends, I’m Kanwal…

The Creator of GrowthSpire

a NEW future-generation conscious holistic wellness movement inviting over millions of students worldwide.

A Meditation Mindset and Transformation Coach

a certified 500+ Hour Meditation and Yoga Teacher, Life Purpose Transformation & Holistic Health Coach, and 1000+ Hours Meditation Practitioner. Focusing highly on mental wellbeing through meditation, breath-work, energy healing and holistic healing coaching.

A Reiki Master and Teacher

a certified Mikao Usui Reiki Level I, II, III and IV: Master and Teacher, with over 500+ successful client experiences. 

An Inventor and A Disrupter
working on re-inventing new education, work culture, holistic health and wellbeing systems, while disrupting old societal, cultural, education and work culture taboos and systems.

My healing journey began when my dad passed away at the age of 22. 

I felt alone, scared 
and lost.

About Me 

My journey to wellness began at the age of 22, when my dad passed away from chronic stress and liver cirrhosis.

During this difficult time, I felt alone and scared. I had nowhere to turn to for support or guidance. Neither, the hospitals or the doctors could offer anything to lessen the pain of such a tragic event. 

I knew something had to change after he passed away. Deep down, I had a knowing that there was a way to cope with such traumatic and tragic events in our lives.  My curiosity peeked as I began to ask questions like “what would someone in so much emotional pain need? what tools could possibly start their healing journey? what kind of support would they need during this time ? What would make a difference?

All my questions took me down the rabbit hole which led me on a journey of transformation; reading hundreds of books and traveling to various spiritual hubs of the world like Bali and Thailand to find the answers. 

Today, I present to you GrowthSpire – a culmination of 10 years of research and life-long experiences, bringing you the best courses to start your healing journey. 

May this journey be as transformational for you as it has been for me. Welcome my sweet friend! 





Mission & Vision

“GrowthSpire invites you to become best friends with your mental health. We value raising awareness, gaining clarity and commitment to your life-long healing journey. We exist to create experiences where self-healing and freedom come together.”

We deeply care about our brothers and sisters who are suffering from the chaos of the mind and emotions. We are here to guide the way in a reliable, consistent and empathetic way. 

Our vision is to reach over 1 million people around the world raising awareness on mental health. We aim to have a massive community of holistic guides, mentors and coaches offering accessible and affordable programs and services to support your mental health journey. ​​​

Our highly researched, experimented and developed techniques give you “the ultimate holistic healing toolbox” you have been looking for to live a fulfilling life. A life full of love, freedom and abundance.

We believe immense transformation happens when you start loving yourself. Thank you for being here and embarking on this beautiful journey with us. It’s a special one!

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