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What is A Meditation Coach?

Meditation is a spiritual art that is typically practiced within the realm of wellness. Since it is primarily an individualistic endeavor, you may ask yourself, why hire or work with a mediation coach? When you first begin your journey, it is recommended to enlist in...

How To Change Your Negative Thinking?

Do you possess a sense of impending doom, even when opportunities present themselves as positive? If you are suffering from a critical perspective, you may need to change your negative thinking. The power of negative thinking can have a significant impact on your...

How To Spot The Six Types Of Manipulation

Manipulation is a sneaky beast, and it can be difficult to spot right away because often, the person who is taking advantage is appealing to your ego, under the guise of a well-meaning approach. But you can learn to protect yourself by becoming versed in the six types...

Coping With High Expectations; Managing Realism

Managing our expectations into a realistic form can be challenging; we often struggle with setting the benchmark too high or too low. If you are someone who has trouble coping with high expectations, you may be subjecting yourself to disappointment, anxiety, and even...

How to Stop Self-Sabotaging Your Future?

Take a good look in the mirror; you know that you are a badass right? But for some reason, you are a sucker for self-sabotage, so let's explore how to stop doubting yourself. On one level, you may already understand that you are an accomplished and bright individual...

What is Depression: Symptoms, Causes, Treatments?

According to the World Health Organization, over 264 million people worldwide are affected by depressive mood disorder but not everyone experiences the same depression. Just as there are many different types of depression, there are various kinds of depression relief....

Have A Healthy Relationship With Your Thoughts

You can learn how to free yourself from the toxic burden of possessing anxious and obsessive thought patterns. With the use of self-awareness, mindfulness exercises, and by incorporating forms of helpful self-expression, you can develop a healthy relationship with your thoughts.

How To Avoid Being Judgmental

If you want to learn how to be less judgmental, let’s explore how criticism seeps into our lives and how we can use alternative forms of expression.

Refine The Art Of Doing Nothing

Learning to slow down is indeed an art form because it takes skill and refinement. But if you can master the sweetness of doing nothing, it will allow you to savor the riches of life.

Six Ways To Overcome Procrastination

If you are tired of putting things off until the last minute, you can learn how to overcome procrastination. The first place to start is to understand why you procrastinate in the first place.

Different Types Of Energy Healing

Magical energy healing is an alternate practice that manifests itself in a multitude of modalities. The theory behind this method is that it can remove blockages from our body, thus healing with energy medicine. The idea is that energy healing hands move over the body...

10 Natural Remedies to Reduce Anxiety

  It is estimated that approximately 4% of the worlds population suffer from an anxiety disorder, that represents 275 million people. Quite a frightening statistic when you consider all the energy and time saving devices at our disposal. Below are 10 natural remedies...

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