Are you comfortable living within your unhappiness? While it may not seem ideal, you will probably remain in this state unless you can learn how to overcome fear of change.

Often, we become complicit with our plights; it may be because the thought of change is too overwhelming. Sometimes it may appear easier to remain in a place that is familiar rather than to risk venturing out into the unknown.

Believing that ‘better the devil you know than the devil you don’t’ is based on fear and can impede on your personal growth. If you truly want to transform your life, you will need to face all of your demons; those who are familiar, as well as those you may not know yet.

The good news is that it is entirely possible to overcome your fear of change by implementing small, yet significant changes to your belief system. In addition, a spiritual transformation coach can offer valuable teachings in helping you to revolutionize your existence.


1. Are You Getting In Your Way?


Overcoming a fear of change starts and ends with you. If you want to transform your life, you will need to get out of your way.

As we experience life, we start to develop particular behaviors and/or beliefs. These may be coping mechanisms that help us through difficult times or bring us a temporary sense of pleasure.

However, these beliefs are sometimes what keeps us stuck in a situation. And the more important that we make them, the harder it is to transform.

You may be holding on to ‘truths’ that have been fabricated by your ego, giving an illusion of control. But true power is found in letting go of ideas that no longer serve you; the power of surrender.

Surrendering is viewed by many as giving up or quitting; however, true surrender is quite the opposite. Surrendering a behavior that is keeping you from transforming is a sign of strength; it means you are recognizing what is no longer working and what you need to adjust.

The first hurdle in overcoming your fear of change is to fully surrender your old belief system so that you can welcome a new way of being.


2. How To Make Changes In Your Life


Now that you are willing to accept a new reality, you can start to transform by using gratitude and the 5-second rule.

Expressing gratitude is the practice of showing appreciation for the positive things in your life. It can involve outward gestures of kindness towards others and/or mindful introspection.

Gratitude can cultivate patience, understanding, and a deeper sense of enjoyment. For example The Gratitude Diaries, which is a book written by Janice Kaplan that explains “how a year looking on the bright side can transform your life.”

Welcoming gratitude into your life will improve your perspective from one of negativity to one of abundance. It will enhance your overall well-being, creating more ease within your transformative journey.

The 5-second rule transforms your life by permitting action in the absence of self-doubt. The concept is based on a book by Mel Robbins which encourages you to act on your goals within a 5-second window before you talk yourself out of doing it.

This book positions the fact we as humans tend to hesitate and/or second guess ourselves when it comes to acting on a goal. This is because so many of us are afraid of change; we want to propel ourselves forward but our internalized fear holds us back.

There is a small window where transformation is possible. To access it, you must act on instinct, before your negative-self talk interferes, robbing you of the opportunity.

Transformation is possible but not always easy; you can begin this journey by taking the steps required to alter your perception. However, if you require additional assistance, we recommend enlisting in the help of a spiritual transformation coach.


3. What Is Transformation Coaching?


A spiritual transformation coach is someone who can guide you through life’s challenges using such principles as mindfulness and general wellness. A good coach will provide you with tools and exercises that are needed to empower yourself.

While real change needs to come from within, it can be helpful to obtain assistance from someone who can offer an objective point of view. This person can help you to get out of your head by offering a fresh and positive perspective on what is truly possible for your life.

In this current digital age, an online transformation coach is a convenient way to seek guidance. And while there are a myriad of options available, there are some key points to look at, when considering online coaching.

  • Certifications

  • Experience

  • Recommendations and/or referrals

  • Personal values

With all of the existing options, finding a spiritual coach that you can connect with can be daunting. GrowthSpire.Co offers certified coaching from someone who truly embodies the values of transformation.

GrowthSpire presents the ultimate one-on-one transformation coaching program. Regardless of where you are in your personal journey, an experienced instructor can offer a customized experience that will address the 7 stages of transformation.

Over a period of eight weeks, you gain an understanding of your true potential and how you can use SMART goals in order to move forward in your transformation. Learn who you are and how you achieve what you truly want.

Fear is an emotion that protects you from danger but it can also hold you back from opportunities. If you find yourself feeling frustrated or discouraged with your current situation, your limiting beliefs may be holding you back from transforming your life.

Now is the time to surrender your old habits and perceptions. When you can let go of things that no longer serve you, you can open yourself up to real growth.

Using a transformation coaching program can help you to learn how to overcome your fear of change. In cultivating gratitude and through acting on your goals, you can overcome hurdles to transformation.

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