Thanks to Mikao Usui, the modern world is blessed with an amazing form of spiritual healing which many of you know as Reiki. Let’s take an inside look at its power and its history.


The founder of Reiki healing


Usui stumbled upon Reiki healing at a time in life when things did not seem very bright. He went to stay on a mountain near Kyoto to deal with a great loss, where he spent a long time meditating and fasting. Here, he experienced a moment of enlightenment, or satori, and felt a deep connection to the universe. On his way back home, he hurt his foot and with the help of his palms, he was able to get rid of the pain. That is how he discovered the healing power of his hands, and went on to teach this to thousands of people.

Following in his footsteps and teachings, Dr Chujiro Hayashi, a naval medical officer, opened his own clinic where he practiced Reiki healing and introduced further hand positions. Hayashi also trained Hawayo Takata who brought this amazing healing method to Hawaii, and trained 22 Reiki masters.



What does Reiki mean?


The word is made up of two Japanese words; ‘rei’ means soul or spirit, and ‘ki’ means the energy of the universe. So, basically, Reiki is universal energy or universal life force energy.

Reiki is meant for spiritual healing. However, it is so much more than just that. If we allow it, Reiki leads us to inner peace, connects us to all living things, and encourages us to reach our true potential. Everything in this world needs energy to survive, and what can be better than universal energy?

The word Reiki is expressed by two different symbols in the Japanese Kanji writing system. The ‘rei’ symbol shows wisdom falling as nourishing rain on earth, and divine beings reaching up to the heavens for support. The ‘ki’ symbol represents a rice grain which sustains human life, and the universal energy that prevails all over.


What is Reiki healing?


The practice of Reiki relies on the belief that humans have the ability to connect with their energy fields and use that energy for physical, emotional, and mental healing. Although it has been around since thousands of years, the current form of Reiki that people are familiar with was founded in 1922 by Usui.

Usui aimed to teach his students a method that would enable them to build a connection with ‘Rei’ or the universal life force, which in turn would help them in self-development.

Reiki is also known as palm healing or hands on healing. However, in the technological world of today, this wonderful therapy is also possible from miles away in which case we will call it hands off healing.

Reiki exists in many forms but the Usui System of Natural Healing is the most popular. It is believed to relieve stress, clear up your mind, make you feel lighter and more focused, and offer instant relaxation. How does that happen? Let’s dig in a little deeper.

Physical injuries and/or stress overload often block the body’s energies which stops individuals from using their full potential. Reiki aims to encourage you to let go of negative emotions so that your true energy can flow freely and allow you to work at your optimal level.

A Reiki master does so simply by placing or hovering his/her palms over different parts of your party, starting at the head or feet.

Just like a doctor provides treatment for physical well-being, a Reiki practitioner treats clients for spiritual wellness that in turn facilitates physical wellness as well.


Reiki healing treatment


An initial discussion takes place between the client and Reiki master before the actual session. During this time, the client learns about the techniques the practitioner will use and also talks about his/her preferences regarding touching, use of music during the session, physical issues that might hinder lying down such as back problems, etc. The client can also talk about what they expect to achieve from the Reiki healing treatment.

There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to Reiki. It is neither associated with religion nor with science and most of the time, the practitioner and client just go with the flow and/or whatever feels comfortable. Reiki session normally lasts between 60-90 minutes but in healthcare facilities where it is now gaining popularity, it can be as short as 15 minutes.

Unlike massage, although just as much or even more relaxing, Reiki does not require the client to remove clothing. All you need to do for a Reiki session is take your shoes off and lie down comfortably on a massage table or recline in a comfortable chair.

In order to transfer their energy to the client, a Reiki master must first allow energy to pass through their head into their body which is easily done through simple deep breathing.

Then, the Reiki master puts his/her palms on various parts of the body to release the client’s stress and transfer his/her energy to the client. If a client feels uncomfortable with touching, or has a wound, the practitioner can provide healing even by holding their palms above the client’s body.

The practitioner places his/her palms in different shapes over 20 different parts of the body including head, limbs, and torso, for between 2-5 minutes. The effect is almost magical, but you will only know after you undergo a Reiki healing treatment.

Most of the time, a Reiki session involves playing soothing music to create an environment of positivity. However, some clients might prefer silence which they can always mention in the initial discussion with the healer.

Reiki facilitates physical, mental, and emotional healing which are all essential for living a healthy life and giving to others around you. You must take care of yourself before you can care for your family, your friends, and other people around you. After all, your cup must be full before you can pour into others’.


What to expect during a Reiki healing treatment?


Some clients feel slight tingling or warm sensations whereas others feel nothing at all.

Some people even experience trembling which is mostly due to blockage of energy. Extreme relaxation to the extent of putting some people in a dream-like state. Some people feel refreshed and clear of mind immediately whereas others might not feel it right away.

Most commonly, people feel a wave of relief wash over them after a Reiki session.

Normally, clients who open up are quick to experience the benefits of a Reiki healing treatment whereas those who resist and do not let go easily need longer to relax. In order to let positive energy flow through the body, you must let go of all things negative: anger, resentment, sadness, pain.

Just like our physical body needs healing and maintenance, our spirit needs healing and cleansing which is possible through a Reiki healing treatment. Reiki is an excellent tool for reducing stress, and you will see the transformation in yourself right away after a Reiki session.

Although used for physical diseases/injuries also, it must be noted that Reiki does not necessarily heal the body from a physical ailment. Rather, it prepares the physical body to facilitate and/or receive proper healing.

Practitioners recommend at least 4 sessions over a period of 4 days for a complete treatment. However, do what feels right for you. Sometimes, clients appreciate the Reiki experience to the extent of wanting to learn it themselves so they can practice it on themselves anytime and/or in cases where the cost of a Reiki treatment poses a problem.


Blockage of energy and how to let it flow freely


An individual’s energy is blocked when there is a plethora of negative emotions in the heart and mind which come by quite easily. An unhealed trauma or overload of stress can also cause this blockage. This in turn leads to an emotional and/or physical imbalance.

Reiki practitioners believe that human beings have the ability to connect with their healing energy. When the energy flows freely, an individual is in a positive and healthy state of body and mind, allowing him/her to do wonders. Free flowing energy allows us to tap into reserves of power that we never knew we had.

Reiki works with the energy fields around the body which we will discuss in another blog post. Reiki is calming, grounding, stress relieving, and helps towards emotional realignment. Who knew that the human palm has the power to do all that?

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