The word “Reiki” is made up of two Japanese words; ‘rei’ means soul or spirit, and ‘ki’ means the energy of the universe. So, basically, Reiki is universal energy or universal life force energy.

Reiki is meant for spiritual healing. However, it is so much more than just that. If we allow it, Reiki leads us to inner peace, connects us to all living things, and encourages us to reach our true potential. Everything in this world needs energy to survive, and what can be better than universal energy?

The word Reiki is expressed by two different symbols in the Japanese Kanji writing system. The ‘rei’ symbol shows wisdom falling as nourishing rain on earth, and divine beings reaching up to the heavens for support. The ‘ki’ symbol represents a rice grain which sustains human life, and the universal energy that prevails all over.

The practice of Reiki relies on the belief that humans have the ability to connect with their energy fields and use that energy for physical, emotional, and mental healing. Although it has been around since thousands of years, the current form of Reiki that people are familiar with was founded in 1922 by Usui.


Usui aimed to teach his students a method that would enable them to build a connection with ‘Rei’ or the universal life force, which in turn would help them in self-development.

Reiki is also known as palm healing or hands on healing. However, in the technological world of today, this wonderful therapy is also possible from miles away in which case we will call it hands off healing. This is also called “Distance Reiki Healing”, where the practitioner with or without a video chat, can do a full treatment from miles away. You will still feel the effects of the treatment as if you were there in-person.

Reiki exists in many forms but the Usui System of Natural Healing is the most popular. It is believed to relieve stress, clear up your mind, make you feel lighter and more focused, and offer instant relaxation. How does that happen? 

Let’s dig in a little deeper.

Physical injuries and/or stress overload often block the body’s energies which stops individuals from using their full potential. Reiki aims to encourage you to let go of negative emotions so that your true energy can flow freely and allow you to work at your optimal level.

A Reiki master does so simply by placing or hovering his/her palms over different parts of your party, starting at the head or feet.

Just like a doctor provides treatment for physical well-being, a Reiki practitioner treats clients for spiritual wellness that in turn facilitates physical wellness as well.

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