Meditation is a spiritual art that is typically practiced within the realm of wellness. Since it is primarily an individualistic endeavor, you may ask yourself, why hire or work with a mediation coach?

When you first begin your journey, it is recommended to enlist in the help of an experienced coach; but what exactly is meditation coaching?

The purpose of meditation is to sharpen your concentration and awareness so that you incorporate a more profound sense of mindfulness into your everyday life. While there are wonderful benefits associated with meditation, many people find the actual practice challenging.

A certified meditation coach can help ease you into the practice by providing guidance and advice. In addition, your instructor will help you to understand how to incorporate meditation lessons into your daily life.

1. Effective Qualities Found In A Mindfulness Coach


You have decided to embark on the spiritual practice of meditation, but you are unsure where to begin. While the option to teach oneself is always available, the benefit of working with a coach is that you can receive personalized instructions from someone experienced and active within their own practice.

If you are thinking about enlisting in meditation coaching, there are a few points to consider in finding a competent meditation instructor. A mindfulness or meditation coach that is well-paired to your needs can make all of the difference in terms of your commitment, as well as extracting the advantages that you desire.

  • Level of experience: in doing your research, does your meditation coach possess enough expertise to accurately instructor others, particularly if they are a beginner? Knowledge can be measured in both quantity (i.e., number of years) and by quality, so inquire about the level of experience that a potential coach may have.

  • Chemistry: every meditation coach is an individual with a unique style. Your meditation instructor should be someone you connect with, whose approach resonates with you; this can be determined through a brief and introductory conversation.

  • Credentials: to ensure that you are receiving knowledgeable instructions from your meditation coach, confirm with your prospective guide to see if they have completed their certificate in a meditation teacher training course. While meditation teaching is not a regulated industry, there are many comprehensive programs available that offer proper education and training within this field.

  • Personal practice: does your meditation coach regularly engage in their own practice, outside of teaching? The best kind of instructor is one that incorporates a daily or regular form of meditation within their own life.

  • Knowledgeable in a variety of styles: while your meditation coach may have a propensity towards a particular method for their own teaching, a versatile teacher is versed in various forms. In addition, your meditation or mindfulness instructor should be able to suggest other techniques, if you feel that you are becoming stuck within your current practice.

2. What Is Guided Meditation?

Guided meditation is a form of meditation that is led by an instructor or coach. “When starting out…having an experienced teacher we can relate to is important (but) when it comes to exploring the intricacies and subtleties of the mind; it is not (only) recommended but essential.”

A guided meditation class incorporates three aspects; approach, practice, and integration. Every meditation coach begins with their own lesson plan; in general, a guided meditation involves specific steps, where you, the student, absorb the lessons as you submerge yourself into the practice.

Traditionally, your meditation coach teaches you how to approach or move into your practice to get the most out of the session. The instructor may offer a few moments before class to calm yourself and leave the chaos of your day.

The practice then begins, with guidance as far as breathwork and perhaps mentions with regards to visualization. Finally, integration of the practice involves how you can incorporate the focus and concentration learned during meditation into everyday life.

3. Do You Want To Become A Meditation Coach?

When some people think about meditation, they may envision a solitary individual who is remaining quiet and still. You may wonder about the approach coaches take in how to teach meditation.

Understanding the methods of a meditation coach can help recognize the value of working with an experienced instructor and to appreciate the practice of meditation as a whole.

In theory, anyone with the desire to teach meditation can learn how to instruct. If you are thinking about becoming a meditation or mindfulness instructor, there are a few points to consider, upon embarking on your goal.

  • Consider your motivation. Why do you want to teach meditation; what would you want to provide to your students, aside from sharing the fundamental techniques? Be authentic within your intentions and move forward with integrity; meditation coaches can be a positive and influential force in someone’s life.

  • Research and development. Becoming mindful through the art of meditation is a way of life, an ongoing process. To be an effective coach, you should possess the desire and interest to explore this practice thoroughly in order to grasp its power and benefits.

  • Hone your method. You can only truly understand meditation through the art of the practice. The more that you fully engage, the deeper your experience will become, and that will provide you with the intrinsic knowledge needed to pass that along in your teachings.

  • Enroll in a credible training program. To become a successful mediation coach, you will need to immerse yourself in studies, retreats, and workshops so that you can possess the proper skills. Working with an experienced teacher will help you network with others in your field, whereby you can grow and learn from one another.

Why Hire Or Work with a Meditation Coach?


A meditation guide or coach works as a mentor, assisting you through the practice of meditation; there are common misconceptions around this art that a mediation guide can help debunk. An experienced coach can also provide various examples from their own teachings and help you find your unique flow.

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