Magical energy healing is an alternate practice that manifests itself in a multitude of modalities. The theory behind this method is that it can remove blockages from our body, thus healing with energy medicine.

The idea is that energy healing hands move over the body in order to create movement and flow. This technique is illustrated in a variety of ways, from chakra energy healing to Reiki and even during the practice of Tai Chi.

There are many ailments that energy healing has claimed to aid. For example, energy healing for depression has been praised by some medical experts, including Dr. Ann Marie Chiasson, as a fantastic alternative to using prescription drugs.


1. Facts About Energy Healing


If you have doubts about the powers of energy healing, you are not alone. Often, techniques outside of Western Medicine are met with skepticism, which is ironic since energy healing dates back to ancient times, noted as one of the first treatment methods.

To better understand energy healing techniques, it is best to start with the facts. While self-healing methods may not receive the same level of mainstream exposure, its rich history and effectiveness are no less important.

  • Energy healing has been studied for thousands of years. One of the more well-known healing methods is Reiki, which originated from Japan back in the early 20th century. Historically, countries in the Eastern Hemisphere have been incorporating energy healing for centuries.

  • Energy healing can be explained via science. This therapeutic modality uses the science of physics and molecules to explain vibrational energy fields and blockages.

  • Energy healing can be great for everyone. While it is always recommended to follow your medical practitioner’s advice, energy healing can be used to supplement additional (Western) treatments. There are a wide variety of people who combine the complementary therapies.

  • Energy healing is easily accessible. There are various modalities available, some of which you may not have considered to be energy healing! Some of the more popular versions are therapeutic massage, reflexology, and acupuncture.

  • You can maintain your own energy fields from the comfort of your home. If you are hesitant to experience energy healing at the hands of a therapist, there are ways that you can uplift and energize your personal force field. Crystal stones, sage, incense, and even Himalayan salt lamps can assist in creating a brighter form of energy around you.

2. Types Of Energy

The primary technique used in energy healing is the movement of vibrational frequencies in order to clear blockages from the body. To fully comprehend how energy works within your system, it may be helpful to understand the types of energy that surround you.

Depending on your research, there can be anywhere from six to twelve forms of energy. For this article’s purpose, we invite you to explore the four types of energy that experts say are found within the human body.

While there may be some debate, understanding the power and momentum that our bodies produce will enlighten the effectiveness of energy healing.

  • Kinetic energy. This type of energy is found when the body is currently moving, otherwise referred to as ‘motion energy.’ Examples of this would be a person who is running or walking or throwing an object.

  • Thermal energy. As the name suggests, this type of energy creates heat within the body. This can be achieved by rubbing your hands together to create warming friction.

  • Gravitational energy. This is the force that keeps us grounded-literally! This is sometimes called ‘potential energy,’ due to the fact that it takes more energy to keep something lifted than it does for something to remain grounded.

  • Chemical energy. An excellent example of chemical energy can be sourced from food. The nutrients we consume as humans can provide us with the energy that we require for movement and cognitive processing.

3. The Most Effective Energy Healing Techniques


As mentioned above, energy healing is more prevalent than you may have realized. There are various manifestations of this type of therapy, and some are quite popular, even among those who prefer to subscribe to Western medical ideals.

What makes a healing technique so effective, and what benefits can be reaped? Check out the list of some valuable and therapeutic healing modalities that can be accessible to anyone.

  • Reiki: Originating from Japan, Reiki is a popular form of energy healing that involves the movement of energy by way of hands over the body. Research has shown that benefits can include chronic pain, depression, and anxiety, as well as it promotes relaxation.

  • Acupuncture. This alternative healing practice has its roots in Chinese medicine. While still considered a ‘pseudo-science,’ recipients of this type of energy healing have noted relief from insomnia, reduced headaches, and has even helped some people quit smoking.

  • Chakra Healing: The concept of Chakra healing began in India, where the body is said to have seven different chakra points in the body. The goal of this therapy is to balance these points with benefits, including increased energy, spiritual wellness, and heightened creativity.

  • Crystal Therapy: This modality uses crystal gems that have been reported to have vibrational qualities. While there is no scientific evidence to support this claim, people that use crystal therapy have reported improved clarity, emotional stability, and a deeper spiritual connection.

  • Pranic Healing: Created by Choa Kok Sui, Pranic therapy is considered science-based upon decades of research and studies which uses the body’s vital energy (sometimes called “chee”) to heal itself. It has been noted to relieve pain, increase mental focus, and be used as a shield against diseases.

If you are curious to open your mind to alternative methods of therapy, we invite you to explore the different types of energy healing. From energy healing for beginners to the more advanced forms of this practice, these options can be used to achieve greater mental, spiritual and physical wellness.

Try healing with energy medicine; a versatile method that has been practiced in countries around the world for thousands of years.

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